Social media fanatism for and against Khan?

The trends on social media often inform us a lot about the thinking of Pakistan’s relatively educated and young lot.  It tells us what concerns our people.

What I have observed so far, is quite hard to contemplate for me. The most viral posts on social media in Pakistan are religious, conspiracy theories or regarding one political party, PTI!

There are probably over a thousand things that are currently going wrong in this country, from corruption to failure of true democratic process, economy, security, and law and order. 

Our people are very much used to of being treated like craps by authorities and political leaders that with various injustices being done and being robbed of their civil rights every other day, doesn’t seem to surprise them much. All these things don’t make them speak out or condemn these things on social platforms! 

It seems, however, that every move Imran Khan makes, people give so much damn about it! - Whether in support of him, or against him.

I can understand supporters of Khan making zealous comments about his political moves; they are his supporters, right? But what is with his critics?

I don’t understand why they feel compelled to go out of the way to criticize or counter comment Khan and his supporters - Especially, when they remain mum on the face of political leaders, who are commonly known for treating Pakistan and its people like crap since ages. 

Wastage of eight billion of development budget being spent on pointless Metro Bus Islamabad project is, doesn’t get as much criticism as does Khan’s sleep-break, as he leaves its workers on streets for the night. 

If nothing else, I see PTI very successful in their contribution to democratic process. The true beauty of democracy is that it allows every single voice, no matter how insane and immature, to speak out for its opinions. And democracies around the world are best nourished, under the pressure of strong oppositions.

2306 hours
Sunday 17 August 2014

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