Modi Sarkar

With Modi coming to power, after the longest and biggest polls in the history of the world, all eyes are on India. It’s, no doubt, good for India as its people gave out a clear statement against corruption and family politics through the recent polls. The fact that they chose a cleaner, a common man, to rule the world’s biggest democracy and probably the second largest country of the world – will be a new chapter in the history of India.

Despite being his past track records of being involved in some serious extremists’ offenses against minorities of India, particularly in Gujrat riots, he managed to get most of the India Muslims votes. And yes, despite these offenses, his succession to power is welcomed by the international community - mainly because of his business friendly and pro economic agenda.

As for Pakistan, honestly it’s time for us to realize that India doesn’t take us that seriously as we take India. This is one of the reasons Modi elections campaign didn’t say much about his agenda for relations with Pakistan.  Another fact is that, Modi of Gujrat riots has taken a big leap to evolve into presently the most popular leader of India – in fact, ‘the phenomenon of India.’ His policies and statements so far seem pretty moderate and he seems up for establishing good business friendly relations with all neighboring countries, including Pakistan. 

Besides, having had a track record of aggressiveness towards Muslims of South Asia, he will be under immense pressure from Indian leftists and the international community if he, so much as even hinted towards committing a religious bigotry.

I see this as a good development for Pakistan, as now what will become of our relations with India is in Pakistan’s hand to decide – if you know what I mean!

1900 hours
Wednesday 21 May 2014

Who jo bachiyon se bhi der gaye (Those who got scared even of little girls)

Recently an obnoxious video surfaced of the leaders of Nigerian militant outfit ‘Boko Haram’ that has recently kidnapped around 300 Nigerian girls between the age of 12 to 15 following an attack on their school.

The video shows a drugged or drunk Boko Haram leader, boasting to sell these girls as sex slaves. The leader claims that Allah instructed him to kidnap these girls, and asserted that because Islamic Shariah allows slavery and commands girls to be married at the onset of puberty – so he is justified to sell them as sex slaves.

Where are these extremists getting their idea of Islam from, they definitely are sick at mind and spirit. I don’t have words to express my appal for their heinous justifications, but following lines by Kishwar Naheed, I guess, say it all for me:

وہ جو بچیوں سے بھی ڈر گئے
وہ جو علم سے بھی گریز پا
کریں ذکررب کریم کا
وہ جو حکم دیتا ہے علم کا
کریں اس کے حکم سے ماورا یہ منادیاں
نہ کتاب ہو کسی ہاتھ میں
نہ ہی انگلیوں میں قلم رہے
کوئی نام لکھنے کی جانہ ہو
نہ ہو رسم اسم زناں کوئی

وہ جو بچیوں سے بھی ڈر گئے
نہیں ان سے کچھ بھی بعید، شہرِ زوال میں
کہ جو بچیوں سے بھی ڈر گئے
وہ ہیں کتنے چھوٹے وجود میں !

2040 hours
Friday 9 May 2014