Into my grave

And there I go into my grave,
As they move me down,
Gradually into the ground,
Surrounded by mud all around.

And mud is all they are giving me,
Out of everything I left there,
They clutch it in their fists,
Throw it on my face in bits,

They buried me here alone and left,
My kins, my loves, how could they!
And whom I followed all along,
Just one place they all would belong.

All those who were lost or driven,
Are under same length…now even!

Monday 1 October 2007
19:26 hours

Chasing rainbows

I could see that passion in her eyes,
Its warmth & energy, scared me away,
I knew she was being fooled, but it felt so right,
She chased and chased, and I kept running away.

For a while she stopped, for me to find she was lost
I wanted her to be alright, it was so much fun to play
This addictive game of run and chase, I wanted it so,

That I chased and chased, and she kept running away।

But I know this game better, I so turned the game around,
And yes! She chased and chased, and I kept running away.
Now, I can’t take it any more; I stopped, grabbed her and yelled,
‘Stop chasing, can’t you see, even I’m tired of running away’.

She gave me a weird smile and then I heard her say,
I wanted to see where passions end? How long dreams stay?
I’ve to chase, I got to reach there & you’re taking me every step,

It’s just that when one has to chase, the other got to run away।

0105 hours
18 August 2007

Who am I?

'Who am I?'

Am I the wrecked earth?
Or the cruel burning sky?
Or in between just a cry,
Vanishing, dying, who am I?

Am I the same under my skin?
Black or white, low or high,
I shed the same when I’m bruised,
Blood and tears, who am I?

I’m one soul with many faces,
Gone, invisible, hard to identify,
Long lost is my true identity,
Under the makeover, who am I?

Am I selfish, lonesome or shy?
Or a cold shoulder to rely,
Yet longing to be selfless and spry,
Behind my mask, who am I?

By Bushra

0026 hours
10 May 2007