Minorities, you don’t have a choice but to quit Pakistan!

The recent incident of mob attack on an Ahmadi community, and torching of their houses in Gujranwala, has again given out a clear message to minorities of this country, ‘Pakistan is NOT a country for you.’

I am sorry, but it's clear that your religion is NOT your personal matter. It is the matter for all of us to interfere in, as and when we feel necessary or find a chance.

All you minorities out there, it seems you don’t have rights to practice your religion or sect either. If you did that, you should better get ready for an army of preachers deliberately enforcing a religious polemic argument on you. No matter how patriotic you feel for Pakistan, you will always stay an American, or Zionist agent. 

What else did you expect from so called torch bearers of Islam in this 'Islamic Republic of Paak-istan?

The Ahmadis in this country are 'heretics,' and hence they are declared as bound to be murdered, regardless of Pakistan’s law and constitution.

Attack on a Hindu temple
Taliban have already given warnings to 'heretics' of Chitral valley to either convert to Islam or face death.

A couple of months ago, three Hindu temples were desecrated in Mirpurkhas . Idols of Hindu deities were smashed with a hammer. Earlier in the year, in Larkana, a mob looted a temple before setting it ablaze. And all this started with a Hindu allegedly or mistakenly putting some old pages of a text book of Islamyat to fire, among other papers.

After the gross attack on Peshawar Church last year, Taliban made it quite clear that the attacks were exactly according to Sharia.It’s hard to understand which version of Sharia they are practising.

Even, the sizable Shia community faces the same fate as other minorities do. So far in Pakistan more than 10,000 Shias have been killed, in direct sectarian attacks only. In Parachinar valley more than 4000 Shias are killed. People are pulled down from buses, their identity cards are checked for Shia names and they are mercilessly massacred.

The bombing on Hazara community in Balochistan, and their subsequent protest with refusal to burry dead bodies of their relatives, were some chilling events that can't be forgotten.

Whatever happened to the teachings of tolerance by our Holy Prophet, but we surely have been failing as ‘Islamic Republic of Paak-istan.’

I’m sorry, but this is no country for you minorities. You should better leave.

2004 hours
Thursday 31 August 2014

'Boycott of Jewish or American products?' Doesn't make sense!

I feel unable to understand all those posts on social media, sharing extremely graphic pictures of Palestinian killings in Gaza, and compelling people to boycott products of multinationals whose owners happen to be either a Jew or American. Somebody, ask them for my sake, what’s the damn link?

Israel is a territory and Judaism is a religion. If a member of a particular religion commits an offence, should all men of that religion bear the consequences? If your answer is yes, then you should not outrage at fanatics across the world labelling all Muslims as terrorists – belonging to Al-Qaeeda and Taliban.

Don’t get me wrong, my heart bleeds too at the atrocities committed at Palestine, specifically with civilians, innocent kids and women. But the turmoil and rampant bloodshed right at my home doesn’t let conflicts far off occupy me.

49,000 Pakistanis have lost their lives in the terrorists’ attacks by Islamic militants since 9/11 - as opposed to 24,000 Palestinian casualties in various conflicts with Israel since First Intifada of 1987. Most of these people killed in my country were innocent civilians – scores of women and children as well. The saddest part is that I never see such an overwhelming response on social media on any of these killings. No appeals are made to people to eradicate the menace of terrorism from our own country.

Last year, in the deadly terrorist attack on All Saint Church, Peshawar, 127 people were killed, and 250 were injured. Thank God Christians all around the world showed tolerance instead of boycotting all Muslims businesses and products.

The multinationals, most of these campaigns sought to boycott, must be owned by some Jew, but they are also source of income for millions of people across the world, including Muslims and Pakistanis.

The most ridiculous of all these social media appeals are the ones made to Pakistan Army and General Raheel Sharif for sending Pakistani troops to combat Israel. The appeals say that an ‘honorable man like General Sharif and an honourable institution like Pakistan Army should jump in to save Muslim Ummah.’

Given Pakistan’s jurisdiction and its status at international level, the simple minded people behind such a comical appeal clearly didn’t understand that never in history, Pakistan Army or any of Pakistan’s governments, stood only for causes that concerned ‘Muslim Ummah’ - unless of course our vested interests also coincided with a given cause.

Such appealers should also know Pakistan Army itself has been involved in killing of 25,000 civilian Palestinian in the Jordanian army attacks in September 1970 – commonly referred in history as Black September. Writer Tariq Ali in his book ‘The Clash of Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Jihads and Modernity’ describes how Pakistan’s own ‘Mard-e-Mujahid’ General Zia-ul-Haq, then Brigadier and head of a Pakistani training mission to Jordan, played a key role in planning the offensives. The attacks were thoroughly supported by Pakistan Army.

So, my appeal to all these social media campaigners,

 'Please stop this nonsense!'

0240 hours
Thursday 24 July