Save tax money, be a Pakistani

I once heard an anonymous saying that ‘there is always death and taxes; however, death doesn't get worse every year.’ I am now beginning to believe that this anonymous genius must have lived in Pakistan. But then again, most of geniuses either are born in Pakistan or lived here.

But talking of taxes first, why pay them when we know it will go in somebody’s Swiss account or to another’s son’s prize bonds business. In a country where the president, prime minister and his cabinet, with long lists of local and foreign assets, pay either ‘zero’ or petty taxes, one can guess how seriously the overall business of tax collection will be taken. Just pick the love of all, our president as an example. Most of us are already aware of extensive list of his local and international holdings. Although, the Lahore High Court will have to wait for December of another incarnation or two, to get a verified list of his real assets and we have no way of precisely confirming the authenticity of our renowned list, but there is little doubt in my mind that our list may be quite close to being authentic considering the massive corruption that has plagued Pakistan in his previous two tenures in power.

In any case, despite of all the government borrowings and tax collections, all we probably see will be dykes not repaired for another Monsoon, power generation projects getting further delayed and inflation soaring up further.

But that’s not why most of Pakistanis don’t pay taxes. Most of us don’t pay taxes, because we are geniuses and I can assure you we have abundant supply of the sort. You come across a genius in every other corner here - breaking queues, swindling, enforcing their values on others, resolving to violence for any cause they don’t quite understand. A Pakistani genius, would basically, get his hands on anything for which he is not held accountable, including his wife and the taxes.

Pay your taxes, be a responsible citizen of your country. But if the country is Pakistan, the motto is slightly amended to ‘pay your taxes, but then only you’re responsible for your stupidity.’

Bushra Naz
09:57 hours
13 October 2011