Minorities, you don’t have a choice but to quit Pakistan!

The recent incident of mob attack on an Ahmadi community, and torching of their houses in Gujranwala, has again given out a clear message to minorities of this country, ‘Pakistan is NOT a country for you.’

I am sorry, but it's clear that your religion is NOT your personal matter. It is the matter for all of us to interfere in, as and when we feel necessary or find a chance.

All you minorities out there, it seems you don’t have rights to practice your religion or sect either. If you did that, you should better get ready for an army of preachers deliberately enforcing a religious polemic argument on you. No matter how patriotic you feel for Pakistan, you will always stay an American, or Zionist agent. 

What else did you expect from so called torch bearers of Islam in this 'Islamic Republic of Paak-istan?

The Ahmadis in this country are 'heretics,' and hence they are declared as bound to be murdered, regardless of Pakistan’s law and constitution.

Attack on a Hindu temple
Taliban have already given warnings to 'heretics' of Chitral valley to either convert to Islam or face death.

A couple of months ago, three Hindu temples were desecrated in Mirpurkhas . Idols of Hindu deities were smashed with a hammer. Earlier in the year, in Larkana, a mob looted a temple before setting it ablaze. And all this started with a Hindu allegedly or mistakenly putting some old pages of a text book of Islamyat to fire, among other papers.

After the gross attack on Peshawar Church last year, Taliban made it quite clear that the attacks were exactly according to Sharia.It’s hard to understand which version of Sharia they are practising.

Even, the sizable Shia community faces the same fate as other minorities do. So far in Pakistan more than 10,000 Shias have been killed, in direct sectarian attacks only. In Parachinar valley more than 4000 Shias are killed. People are pulled down from buses, their identity cards are checked for Shia names and they are mercilessly massacred.

The bombing on Hazara community in Balochistan, and their subsequent protest with refusal to burry dead bodies of their relatives, were some chilling events that can't be forgotten.

Whatever happened to the teachings of tolerance by our Holy Prophet, but we surely have been failing as ‘Islamic Republic of Paak-istan.’

I’m sorry, but this is no country for you minorities. You should better leave.

2004 hours
Thursday 31 August 2014

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