Chasing rainbows

I could see that passion in her eyes,
Its warmth & energy, scared me away,
I knew she was being fooled, but it felt so right,
She chased and chased, and I kept running away.

For a while she stopped, for me to find she was lost
I wanted her to be alright, it was so much fun to play
This addictive game of run and chase, I wanted it so,

That I chased and chased, and she kept running away।

But I know this game better, I so turned the game around,
And yes! She chased and chased, and I kept running away.
Now, I can’t take it any more; I stopped, grabbed her and yelled,
‘Stop chasing, can’t you see, even I’m tired of running away’.

She gave me a weird smile and then I heard her say,
I wanted to see where passions end? How long dreams stay?
I’ve to chase, I got to reach there & you’re taking me every step,

It’s just that when one has to chase, the other got to run away।

0105 hours
18 August 2007

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