The Baloch march

On October 27th a group of women, children and even old have commenced a 700 kilometer walk from Quetta to Karachi for their rights , for knowing whereabouts of their beloved and for a peaceful secure future which is a right of every Pakistani.

Balochistan, rich in copper, gold and natural gas, is Pakistan's largest but least populous province. It is also the least developed, which has aggravated a long-running ethnic Baloch separatist movement that wants more autonomy and a greater share of its mineral wealth. According to Human Rights Watch, more than 300 people have suffered the fate, known as “kill and dump”, in Balochistan since January 2011.

These are women and children, weaker and oppressed marching on foot from Quetta to Karachi to remind us that while we manufacture half-truths, trifle with the non-issues, some of their loved ones have been missing for years; those they have found, they found tortured and killed, their bodies dumped even without the dignity of a shroud.

Will we be moved, walk in step with them or just leave them with a feeling that they’ll be right to lose all hope in Pakistan?

19:40 hours
Friday 1 November 2013

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