Minorities, this is not a country for you!

Extremist bombers killed nearly 200 people in Pakistan's southwestern city of Quetta in the two worst bomb attacks to strike Shia Muslims from the minority Hazara community, just weeks apart on January 10 and February 16.

The aftermath of the attack once again paralysed the country. After the usual assurances by the government, the Hazara community finally agreed to bury their loved ones. Reportedly, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) is ensconced in Mastung and the Frontier Corps (FC) has shown some resolve in taking them to task.

The menace of terrorism apparently started with Pakistan’s recruitment of the youth to sign up as mujahideen to fight the Soviet ‘infidels’. Madressahs have proliferated without hindrance, although the progenitor of this trend Gen Ziaul Haq died a quarter century back. The trend shows no sign of lessening and the current civilian government miserably seemed failed to curb extremism in the country.

It’s a shame to see how the sound administrative setup inherited from colonial days has been thoroughly disfigured both by dictators and venal politicians. While the number of officers has increased ten-fold, their efficiency has gone down in inverse proportion. From secretaries to inspector generals of the police, officers are daily paraded before the Supreme Court but no one takes responsibility and there are no honest answers.

The taxpayer is justified in inquiring why this overfed administration should be maintained when no one is working?

2015 hours
Thursday 28 February

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