Use fear to your advantage

Yes, this is a fact. You can use fear to your advantage.

Fear is a flow alarm, those things that warn you something is wrong in your life. Anxiety, sickness, anger and worry are also fear alarms. This is actually a good thing since when fear appears you can immediately know that your success is being blocked. When you experience fear take a self inventory — what is going on in your life? Where is this fear coming from? Why does it reoccur? 

We’ve been conditioned not see fear as a warning but something we should accept. We have to fight this programming until we can eliminate it. Why? We are always going to face challenges in your life. Fear does not need to be part of them.

Knowledge is the key to success. Once you know why things are happening you can then take charge and find ultimate success. Ignore the doomsayers, especially in the media, although pay attention to their game. News programs want higher ratings. Politicians want more votes. Religious types want more donations. And so on - All at the expense of your success.

Treat fear like the virus that it is and you will be able to accomplish things beyond your wildest dreams!

0930 hours
Saturday 28 July 2012

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