Acceptance is relieving

It's true that often it's hard to understand why someone acts a certain way, says certain things, or entertains certain thoughts. We're all unique individuals, with our own backgrounds, experiences and motivations. What works for one person, may not work for the other and vice versa.

Acceptance is often said more times than it is preformed. Saying that you accept something is easy, but actually believing it and making is so doesn’t always follow. Imagine two people, sitting together at dinner. Imagine then in a constant state of unrest, quarreling about everything and anything. I imagine that this isn’t that difficult to imagine, as it is very common. If you were to ask one another, they’d say that they accept each other for who they are, but upon closer inspection it appears that they seem to fight about who they are all the time.

The fact is things are never black and white and everyone has their own definitions of right and wrong. We may think we know the “right” way, but maybe its just “our” way. Try placing yourself in their shoes, and get to know why they feel the way they do. You don’t have to agree, but at least understand why they’re so adamant about how they act.

I find it extraordinary that some people never seem to be judgmental. What a quality! They seem to have reached a level of tolerance, acceptance, and compassion that many of us still have to improve on. They listen, observe, and are open to communication - no matter what.

So, instead of focusing on why something didn't go the way we wanted to, why don't we just “stop sweating the small stuff” and enjoy the day. After all, the other person may be right!

2155 hours
Saturday 26 November 2011

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