No one makes you feel inferior without your consent

Inferiority complex comes from thinking your self less worthy than the people around you and it continues to undermine us when we rely heavily on the approval of others and not on our own personal approval of who we are.

A lot of you will be surprised to know the inferiority complex and the superiority complex are pretty much the same thing. According to Psychologists ‘superiority complex is a subconscious neurotic mechanism of compensation developed by the individual as a result of feelings of inferiority. The feelings of inferiority in this specific complex are often brought on by real or perceived social rejection. Concluding, every superiority complex has an underline and unresolved inferiority complex. As we grow up we often fill the void, created by building our self image on others’ criticism, by false pampering of our selves. In this case, we feel everything others say about us is because they feel jealous or insecure of the supercilious way we are. This is equally damaging for us, as we eventually realise, after being abandoned by a lot of people, that our self image is not built on solid grounds again. So next time you find yourself wondering about someone’s air of arrogance, you should know where it is coming from.

Be it an inferiority or superiority complex, it needs to be get rid of to prosper well in life. There could be many ways of doing that. The foremost is recognizing your strengths and weaknesses. Take time to do your self analysis and shift your focus from the area you feel inferior about onto your strengths. Practice this. It puts you in a better position to look for ways in which you can enhance those areas. This way you draw a clear line between your strengths and weaknesses, so the thoughts of your weaknesses do not overpower the positive aspects of your strengths.

When you have an inferiority complex, you’re constantly battling with the feeling of self-consciousness. In order to conquer them, focus more on the enjoyment part. Laugh, smile -have fun. This will greatly help you become more comfortable in your own skin. Instead of feeling a victim, take actions to improve what makes you feel inferior. They say, ‘if you cannot change a thing, change the way you think about it’. Surround yourself with positive people. When you hang around positive people you become fired up to be the best you can be and the encouragement to keep trying.

We all love the feeling of approval and acceptance. What others say may have an effect on us but only if we accept that external perception of who we are as our own. When other people make negative remarks with the intent to make you feel inferior, allow your strengths to be the answer. The key is to practice focusing on your strengths and accepting you for who you are.
Bushra Naz
Published: 24 February 2010, Daily Mail
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