Yet another winters day

It’s a warm day in winters. Sun is smiling up in the sky and I can feel the warmth on my hairs and face. As the car is moving on, my eyes are fixed on a stream running down the bridge. The water down is sparkling like someone had thrown diamonds in it. It seems like a child playing - laughing and running over the stones. There I see trees lining up across the road. The dried red leaves among the bare brown branches of the trees look awesome. The real life painting of nature had chosen the best colour combinations for the canvas.

But people passing by seem quite in hurry to notice all that. Some are getting late from work, others have things to do - worries to deal with - worries that are haunting their minds since the previous day or even before. Once they will get rid of these worries, they will manage to dig out more for themselves. Since, when one goal is achieved, we start aiming for the higher ones. When one dream is fulfilled we begin to pursue new ones. This never ending race keeps pacing on and our worries keep adding on and on. Night after night, we wake up carrying this bag of worries on our shoulders - unable to appreciate the beauty of the extraordinary things around us.

Only if we could take out a few moments, raise our head out of our worries and take a look at this beautiful canvas - we could realise how unreasonable our worries are. The beauty of the nature keeps reminding us of the love of God for us. How beautifully he has painted the whole universe and the things in it that fascinate human minds. Each day in this world is a wonder - yet another miracle. The whole universe is the biggest menisfestation of generosity and vastness. Why do we dwell on narrow mindedness, disappointments and useless worries then? Can’t we see the unbiasness of nature? The sun smiles warmly at everyone – rich or poor, strong or weak. The green sceneries are there for everyone to see. Why do we keep dwelling on the biasness and unfairness when we stumbled upon them at times in our lives? As if we haven’t seen any thing fair ever happening to us in our lives.

This whole world is itself the biggest favour on us. But we take all these things for granted. Our worries keep revolving around us and we keep revolving around them. In all this centeredness we completely ignore the nature and its gifts - the fair laws on which the whole universe operates. We don’t think of playing our part - paying back some of these favours by helping our own kind. I think it’s time by intriguing something new. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beautiful winter scenes around you, fill your self with gratitude and see if you can pay back a bit of these favours by inciting something good today.

Bushra Naz

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