The way she smiled

Lost in infinite gloom, my world was all dark

When someone lit a candle in the dark inside

Dazzled were my eyes, I couldn’t even see

Anything but where the cobwebs and dust reside

Is it my alienation, the estrangement to my own self

That made me so trembled that I shut my eyes wild?

I wanted to blow the candle off

Run back to where I always hide

Just when out in a corner, in the dim light

A pair of glittering eyes smiled

Holding some colours in her tender hands

She giggled with the innocence of a child

Her illness could reach her body but not her heart

In her face both pain and joy confide

The colours in her hands began to fly

Making a rainbow above me, they all allied

Her glittering eyes chased the darkness away

With her bright smile all my fears died.


2146 hours

15 February 2009

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